Friday, June 15, 2012

More Reunions

Salisbury Reunion- May 26th 2012

These are the faces of Isaac, I think he fits in perfectly with my family.  I don't think he would have ever made a face like this before we were married... I love that he does now though.

This is defenitly a natural smile, I love it.
My brother, Kirk
My dad, Clark, who is usually behind the camera
I just liked this face
One of the only pictures of me, just to prove I was there.

Salisbury Reunion- Sunday, May 27th 

Analese Hansen
My mom, Sharon, posing for the camera
Kirk was either playing a game or showing us a youtube video

After we went to church in Clinton, we headed back to Logan and hung out inside of our house. The weather was very rainy and it kind of put a damper on hanging outside.

Mark, my brother with Claire who was having an episode.
We played "Smallworld",  can you guess who won?

Kelsey Hansen, was the winner.  She won all of us.  Way to go Kels!

Isaac must of snapped this picture
bathtime for Trevor and Claire, they are only a month a part.
Grandma got all the kids bubbles to blow.  They had a lot of fun.
Here is Mark with his Nikon D80, we bought there other Nikon D80 that weekend.
The kids went camping out in the backyard Sunday night.  It was a cold night, and I ended up sleeping out there as well.  I was worried about the Lincoln sleeping outside all night.
Kade Hansen
What the grown-ups did while the kids were sleeping outside.  We played the Great Dalmuti.  It was funny to see how many times the kids came in to tell on each other. 

Salisbury Reunion- Monday, May 28th- Memorial Day

That morning we had a large breakfast and then went on a walk on the Stokes nature park trail along the Logan river. 
Trevor was asleep for most of the walk
Kirk and his mighty arm muscles

We stopped along the way and threw rocks into the river.
Trevor was so proud of himself for throwing a rock into the river.  He came back to me after throwing a rock every time with this smile.
Kelsey and Kade trying to move a rock... Good luck!
Hanging out by the river
After the walk we hurried home and ate some Tacos so we had time to meet everyone at the cemetary.  We met at my uncle, Phillip Salisbury's grave. 

Once we arrived, my grandpa Frank Salisbury, and Steve Salisbury told there memories of Phillip. 

Trevor didn't exactly want to hold still.  Luckily, Kade was there to help.
After going to Phillips grave we headed over to my cousins Michelle and Katie Salisbury's grave.

That is the conclusion of the Salisbury reunion.  We had a great time and I look forward to next year! 

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