Sunday, September 13, 2009


The summer was full of projects! we painted the garage floor...

grew tomatoes....

more tomatoes... you can't see the planter box underneath

light post....

volley ball net...

painted table...

We put Lincoln in his stroller and put blankets over him to shade him



and a firepit.


I think he ate too much.

This video was actually done today. Isaac is at work so I've been working on the blogs that I've been needing to put up. I've almost given up on blogs. The last few times I've tried it wouldn't upload the images so I have been putting it off.silly baby noises.

Lincoln is crawling!

This last week he has really started to crawl. He never really crawled very much, mostly just tummy dives. Now he is going as fast as he can go.
He is climbing up on things now as well. Slow down Lincoln! He's growing up too fast.

Lincoln is the funnest person to take pictures of, it helps that he loves cameras. He is always so smiley though. We love him.

No teeth yet!

more pictures of Starvalley Ranch

Starvalley Ranch has been one of my favorite places to go to in the summer. Its a wonderful place to "get away".

Labor Day weekend at Starvalley Ranch

Labor day is a special holiday for me because that is when me and Isaac had our first date. Three years later we married with a child. Loading up to go home we discovered we forgot to take pictures of our fun trip to starvalley. We purchased the new minivan the saturday before and it made a fun trip.

Isaac and Wendell were having conversation when I captured Isaac's expression "I don't know".

Here is a picture of my grandma Salisbury Pope

My wonderful husband full of life!

We got to spend the weekend with Mark and Amanda. Three more weeks and they will be married! Yea we are excited. We had lots of fun with them at the cabin. We floated down the Salt River and there was no water fights, unlike the year before. Grandma babysat Lincoln so we could float without worrying about him. It made a big difference. We played the digital Monopoly and Power Grid, and I bet you can't guess who won... Mark. I can't think of many times in my LIFE that I have ever won Mark at something. Although Amanda has been able to defeat him, and that is why she is good match for him. :)

Walks with mommy

Lincoln is such a fun boy. After daycare is over, we enjoy going on walks together.

you can tell its pretty late in the evening. Daycare doesn't get fininshed till 7:30 PM sometimes.

Love those legs!
a clip of the rattlesnake that was found on July 25th.
Lincoln's first time at a Lake. July 24th, 2009. We spent the evening with Sara and TJ. and their kids: Kelsey, Kada, and Analise at Bear Lake.

A Hiking Adventure

To the top of Mount Ben Lomond (not sure if that's how you spell it). July 25th, 2009 my husband was almost killed by a rattle snake! Ryan and Isaac took off on their own path in search for gold while the ladies (Donene, Jessica, Me and Lincoln) and Mac went to the top of Ben Lomond. Luckily we had Mac because I don't think I could have carried Lincoln the whole way. Ryan and Donene were crazy adventures getting too close to the edge for the comfort of their children.

It was when Isaac and Ryan decided to go on their own path when they ran into this. No worries though, Ryan had a gun and conquered this snake.

Lincoln's first parade.

Every year on July 24th the city of North Logan puts on a parade to celebrate the pioneers. Because its just up the street a few blocks from our house we decided to take all the daycare kids with us to see the parade. This is Gemma, she is 9 days younger than Lincoln and Lincoln adores her.
This is what Lincoln did for most of the parade, even during the loud police sirens!

My dad's famous pioneer wagon that he drives every year.

Lincoln and Isaac during one of the only moments Lincoln was awake.

My mom came and helped with all of the kids. We had plenty of adults.

July 4th Suprise party for my grandpa Peterson

This was where we had the fabulous barbecue dinner. It was held at Valerie and Justin Dansies home.
We spent July 4th 2009, celebrating my grandpa's birthday. This is my grandma, Sylvia Peterson, my grandpa, Val Peterson, with my son, Lincoln Jones.

"Camping" at the Heber Valley Camp

We were so fortunate to go camping at the Heber Valley Girls camp with Valerie (my aunt) and Justin Dansie, and Sara (sister) & TJ's family. The picture above on the right is Isaac doing one of the challenge courses
where you have to climb up a wooden pole, walk the tight rope, and zip line down to your death. It was super fun! The picture above on the left is Me (Mary) and Lincoln on one of the paddle boats at Legacy Lake.

This is what you call camping! Its rough sleeping on a wooden bunk bed :) There are 3 cabins at each camp ground with 16 bunks in each cabin.