Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Project: Laundry room

So this year has been full of some very big projects which is why I haven't posted anything on a blog for a Very long time. But incase you didn't notice I posted around 8 different posts to help get caught up. This will probaby be the last post of the year, but I wanted to show off my favorite project that I have had thus far. Above: This is what our laundry room used to look like.
Below: This is after we tore out all of the cabinets and we were starting to add some new custom ones built by us. Before


After paint and before we installed cabinet doors. All the functional parts of the cabinets are complete.

Before doors


I love having lockers to store all our coats. Especially Isaac's backpacks. Before this project he stored all of stuff on the floor and it was hard to move in the laundry room.

This is also one of my favorite parts... The shoe storage. It actually fits all of our shoes. The drawers are really deep, about 30".

These cabinets are even deep enough to store my laundry baskets. I love it.

The furthest cabinet on the left is where we store all the cleaning stuff. I love that I can fit everything in one cabinet. I installed some shelving on the doors for the cleaners so now I can easily see everything.

Under the washer and dryer I use a drawer for the recycle stuff and the other for dirty laundry. I decided to do my laundry on the same day as garbage day so I empty the drawer with recycle stuff the day before and then I use that drawer to sort laundry on garbage day. It works out perfectly. I don't have to trip over laundry baskets!

I always wished that the office was next to the kitchen because we always end up getting our mail on the kitchen counter so to resolve this issue I installed a mailbox in the laundry room. If I don't want to go through the mail right away I just put it in the mailbox and wa la out of sight.

We started the laundry room in September right after we finished the shed and we completed the laundry room in the beginning of November. I really feel like completing the laundry room project has really simplified my life and it is probably my dream laundry/mudroom.


We had a great christmas this year. I tried not to get the kids too many presents cause they already have a lot of toys. Lincoln and Trevor both enjoy the present I got for Trevor. I wrapped their presents in the same wrapping paper for all of their presents so they could easily identify what present was theirs. Lincoln had so much fun opening his presents and he just kept opening one after another. Christmas is so fun again with kids! Its like reliving my christmas's as a kid.

Part of Christmas day was rearranging the boys room. I got them matching comforters so we put together the bunk beds. Trevor is still really small so we still have the crib in their room incase the bunk bed doesn't work out. Lincoln sleeps on top and Trevor will sleep on bottom. So far the bunk beds have worked out great and Lincoln loves his new bed. Isaac agreed to help me rearrange the bedroom so later we could play a video game he got for my christmas present called Zelda.

The new room

Lincoln trying out his new construction belt.

This is everything Trevor got for christmas. He is happy!

Lincoln is not so sure what I am doing.

Ever since I have moved out of the house it has been a tradition for my family to join me for breakfast. This year my mom and dad joined us for opening presents and breakfast. Later on in the day we had dinner together as well.

Isaac made us all breakfast.. Aebleskibers (not sure how to spell it at all), but they are yummy!

Trevor holding his zu zu pet box. It was the first thing we opened in his stocking and he would have been happy with just that.

Before present opening really began. We are just going through their stockings.

Christmas Eve

For Christmas eve this year we were up in Preston at Ryan and Donene's. We had a great time eating Mexican food, tieing a quilt, talking to Melanie on Skype, enjoying the kids in the nativity, hitting a pinatta, playing a present exchange game, and opening presents. Thanks for a great day Ryan and Donene! Awesome glo sticks that were in the pinatta (not sure how to spell that one).
Grandpa Jones making sure Trevor doesn't fall down the stairs. It was prescious to me to see Ryan make sure Trevor didn't get hurt.

Lincoln's turn to do the pinatta.

We put Trevor in the manger.

Everyone waiting to take a swing.

All the cousins during the nativity.


Not sure they knew I was taking the picture. This is Mac and Jessica

Me and Isaac

One of the activities we did was tieing a quilt for someone in need.

Isaac even helped!

Donene the master seamstress! She's got skills

Lights on Temple square

This Christmas season Lincoln has been fascinated with christmas lights so I thought it would be fun to go to temple square and look at the amazing lights. Lincoln loved the lights and he didn't complain about the cold weather. We were able to stay with Isaac's sister Rainee and got to see their beautiful new house. It was a great weekend! (December 17th) We went inside the visitors center to warm up a bit.

I was mostly worried about Trevor getting cold. I put him in a snugli in front of me and then put him inside of my coat. I believe he stayed pretty warm.

They do an amazing job with putting the lights up on the trees. I'm not quite sure how they do it.

Bumper Bowling

I took Lincoln, Trevor, and the daycare kids I had that day bowling for an up to 3 program

Lincoln had such a fun time droping the balls down the alley.

waiting to see where his ball went.

Payton, London, and Lincoln. These were the only daycare kids I had that day.

chillin before christmas

Isaac's playing one of his early christmas presents in this picture. He decided to purchase his own christmas present again this year and bought a new game called Skyrim.
Lincoln loves to take his shirt off and run around. As you can see Trevor still prefers to crawl.
They loved turning on the christmas tree lights.
The Fam!

Trevor is so tiny compared to this big couch.

Trevor is so precious!