Monday, January 23, 2012

Band-aids can't fix everything

One of my favorite stories growing up was when my brother Kirk split a worm in half and tried to get my mom to fix it with a band-aid. I thought it was so funny. Lincoln did a similar thing. He was trying to help himself get a dvd out to watch and snapped it in half. He hurries to the bathroom to retrieve a band-aid and hands the dvd to Isaac with a band-aid to fix it.

We told him that some things can't be fixed with a band-aid. Bummer... if only things were that simple. Needless to say he felt bad.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lincoln's Third Birthday!

On January 21st it was Lincoln's 3rd Birthday. We hung up this sign and had a birthday balloon for him when he woke up. He was very excited.

We had a pirate themed birthday, and here is some pirate teeth that he was trying out.

Here he is wearing his new birthday outfit from Grandma Jones. He's holding his new foam puzzle of the digestive system. He was pointing it and using it as a gun.

For his presents this year I sent him on a scavenger hunt to find his presents. He had to listen to the next clue to find his next presents. I decided this year for his birthday he could have a nerf gun. While we were at Grandma Jones (Isaac's parents) last week he was playing with a gun and he came up to me and said "You don't shoot it at people". It was then that I decided he could play with a play gun. We got him a lot of puzzles cause he loves puzzles. Last year for his birthday I got him some puzzles cause they were on clearance at Sam's club. They were too advanced for him at the time, but he plays with those puzzles EVERY day.

We started his birthday off by going up to Preston and "playing" in the flood that Ryan and Donene had. Go here to look at it. He had a fun despite the craziness. Then we came back home and he had a nap. When he woke up we went to the fun park and played in the soft play. After we played there I was going to ask him where he wanted to go out and eat. He didn't want to leave the Fun Park, but finally we convinced him that we could go home and have some pizza and have cake ice cream. Then he was alright with going home.

Trevor is walking and getting out of cribs!

So I haven't blogged that Trevor has officially started walking more than he is crawling... Finally! He took his first steps around 3 months ago and it took him a while to decide that walking was the way to go. I am thrilled he has taken that next step. I love being able to put a child down when my hands are full. He started to walk more than crawl around January 4th. This next video is of Trevor climbing out of his crib. We moved him into a big bed on Christmas, but then he started to climb out of bed and so I started putting him in his crib again. However, just recently he has figured out how to climb out of his crib. Since the drop on the crib is a lot higher than a bed. The big bed is where he stays.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years

We started out the evening by going to the Pioneer Valley Lodge in North Logan where my Grandpa Salisbury now lives. They had big band music and free food. My Grandma Pope and her husband Wenell come there every year to enjoy the big band music and to dance their night away.

Here's Isaac on the way to the party. Can you believe we trust him behind the wheel when he looks like this? Actually, this is one of the faces I love of his. My favorite is when you can be silly with someone.

My brother Mark and his wife Amanda, Lincoln in the back. Trevor and Claire were in the captains seat. Trevor is just chillin.

After the party at the Pioneer Valley Lodge we had a party after the party. TJ killed something on his computer, the boys had a sleepover (Kade Hansen, Lincoln and Trevor), we all ate some more, ya know you get the idea.

Here's the only way I'm in a picture.

Kelsey and Analese

My parents by all the good food that my mom brought. She made some wonderful frapee's

My sister Sara

Kirk, Jessica, Mark, Isaac and Amanda playing the game RA. After the game RA we played Smallworld, a new game that Mark and Amanda got for us.

Here's a video of the big band music and the dancing they had aat the Pioneer Valley Lodge. We were standing across the room when Isaac took the video and I was giving him a hard time about the video he was getting. Just me being a nagging wife. I hope I'm not the only one that acts like that, not my best moments.