Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've always loved little feet.

Boy or Girl?

This image is pretty clear. We have no doubt it is a boy. I asked the technician if it could just be an umbilical cord, then he showed me to the right there is a black looking cord and that is the umbilical cord. I also asked him if there is any chance it could be a girl, he said "not in less that thing falls off." Those Joneses have too much testostorone in their blood, they have a hard time producing anything but a boy. We are raising the army of Helaman!

There is a baby in there!

For those who don't know we are going to have a baby. This is a picture from our ultra sound on Sept. 3rd. It was very exciting to see that the baby is growing well and healthy. I was worried that the baby was going to be too small or it wasn't getting all the nutrition it needed. It's pretty amazing to think that a baby can grow into a little human just from a woman's body.