Monday, April 20, 2009

Lincoln the Little Guy

Lincoln is discovering his hands....well how they taste anyway.

Lincoln is pretty laid back. Lincoln had his baby blessing on March 29th and was such a cutie in his little white suit.

Mary's Race to the End of Her Tunnel.

Here it is now April 20th and School is coming to a close, after our finals are over that is. It has been one of the harder semesters that I can remember and I am not sure if it is because we had Lincoln join our crew halfway through or what. But he (Lincoln) has been great he actually is sleeping through the night now! Amazing at 3 months if you ask me (I hope its not a phase). Mary has been quite excited to finally be graduating, but she has the gall to say that she is actually going to miss going to school! It'll have been seven years since she started going to Utah State, with a year or two off, but she is done and will be recieving her bachelor's degree in business administration. (Way to go!) She will be walking May 2nd (not sure what time) but she wants to dress lincoln up in cap and gown as well and walk with him. And why not? He's been to some of the study sessions too. But I am so pleased with Mary and the many wonderful things she has accomplished. I am so excited for summer to be here and for the nice weather we've been having I have a lot of projects I want to do around the house and hope to start on them as soon as school is out. Mary will be starting her daycare very soon and she has been working very hard to get that all ready. One of the things we will need to have is a fence around our backyard to keep all the littleuns from escaping. So we are excited with all the changes we have been having and hope the best for all things.