Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our little boy full of discoveries!

He does a good job stacking many rings on top of each other, which I found out is developmental step for a toddler. Its fun to see him play and do things on his own. Kids are amazing.
Lincoln likes to paint, but not too long. Daycare has been a fun thing for Lincoln to participate in. I know there's things I do in daycare that I would not do otherwise. It helps to see other kids paint and then he follows what they do. He doesn't like wearing a paint smock so we use the bare shirt method.

Me and Isaac have been into watching different tv series on Netflix, such as 30 Rock and The Office. Now we are on a new series (new to us, its been out since 2004) called Veronica Mars. We had never heard of it before we started watching it and have enjoyed it. In the meantime, Lincoln is discovering all kinds of new things. The other day when we were watching it I came over to see what he was doing and he had got into the pantry where I keep a big 5 gallon bucket of flour and was playing in it. It made me laugh a lot.
A child's work is a child's play. (I think that is how the saying goes) Needless to say, we put him straight in the tub.

Go Aggies!

I haven't posted anything on our blog for a while. We haven't been on any amazing trips or done any new projects, ect.. We have been going to a couple of Utah State's football games this fall, which is more than I can say I attended while I was at USU. They have been doing very well, and we enjoy seeing their newly discovered touchdown.

We usually ride our bike to the stadium and watch the games, and Lincoln enjoys the games as well. However, we do come on our bike so we have to make sure we leave before its really really dark.

Lincoln is starting to get more hair! You can't tell as well in these pictures, and its still not enough to get a full haircut. (Never have given him a haircut yet)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Project: wall

These are some pictures of our front room before I decided to reduce the size of the front room. The picture on the top left was a picture taken in April 2008 so the furniture arangment has been changed a few times. Plus we have a lot more furniture and no more wicker in the house. This room as you can see is pretty big. It was about 26'x15' (very long) and it felt like a waste of space. The only time we used the front room is when visiting teachers came to visit, music time, and for kids to sleep in during nap time. However, I felt like the rest of the house was way too crowded...
So I decided to add a wall in the front room and create two seperate areas.

The first area is the sitting area for when visiting teachers come to visit that measures about 11'x15', and the second area is... where the new play room is that measures about 15'x15'. The nice thing about this addition is that we can take it down someday and have our big front room back when we want to and when we have more space with the basement.

We built shelving space for all of the toys and the kids have loved it! Lincoln especially loves it cause he can see most of the toys. The first day we had it like this he was getting out all of the toys to play with them. He does very well at cleaning up after himself lately though. With all of this new toy space it clears up the space in the closest that used to have the toys in it.
The pictures below shows the old toy room.

This is now what used to be the play room. It is now the "quiet" room and Lincoln's future bedroom. We will eventually put the beds together and make a bunk bed to make more floor space.

Below is Lincoln's bedroom before and below to the right is Lincoln's "new" bedroom and the baby's future bedroom.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My wonderful Husband!

My husband is so cool, just look at him. We have been enjoying the nice weather.
On March 12, and 13th Isaac played in a Preston Tournament where the highschool graduates come back and compete against eachother. The first game they played Isaac and his brother, Mac played eachother. Jessica (Mac's wife) and I were secretly routing for the other team so we didn't have to come back for another round. However, Isaac's team won and that meant that we had to come back again on Saturday so they could play another team. Lincoln was NO fun trying to watch him Friday night. He just wanted to be on the court playing with the big guys, climbing all over the bleachers, and screaming at me. (The game started at 9pm so he was pretty tired too).

On Saturday Isaac's parents, Ryan and Donene came with us to watch Isaac play. That made it much more enjoyable. He even fell asleep in Ryans arms.

Fun with the family.

We played frisbee golf with Mark and Amanda last Saturday, March 22. Can you guess who won? Mark of course. He always loves to win me at everything. Didn't feel too bad on frisbee golf though. At least I got the most points!

Lincoln had fun taking off with the frisbees too.

Isaac took Lincoln to the Fun Park in North Logan when my uncle Blake and his family came to visit from Indiana. It was Isaac's spring break from school so he got to spend some extra time with the family. It was great to have them here. Pictured above is Mattie, Amanda, and my dad.

What can I say my husband is a great dancer!
This is my brother Mark with Lincoln. Mark came down from Boise with Amanda when they heard my uncle Blake was going to be here.

Christmas Saturday

I recently have been participating in Bountiful baskets a food corp. Every Saturday we pick up baskets full of random fruits and vegetables all for $16.50. They load up a truck full of goodness at the price that grocery stores and restaraunts get and deliver it to different places around the state. It has been so fun to see what we get. It seriously feels like christmas every Saturday. The one pictured above was what we got the first week and the one below is the second week.

Fun at daycare!

Lincoln loves playing with the other kids and he especially loves to play outside. I love that the weather is starting to warm up.

Lincoln loves to swing, and I have a hard time getting him off.

I recently invested in car seats for daycare. I don't think that we will have to buy another car seat ever again. We are on our way to the Library. Every Tuesday they have something called toddler time where they read stories and sing songs to the kids. The kids like it because they get to be with other kids, and I like it because its a fun learning experience for the kids that I didn't have to prepare.
Lincoln loves to "play" the wii with the daycare kids. Every morning before breakfast the kids usually play some game on the wii while I make them breakfast before they head off to school. Next to Lincoln is Keelie, she is in Kindergarten. I take her to school later in the day.