Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun at the Fun Park

We had Kace and Tydon for couple of days while Rachel and Nate were in Texas. We played Wii sport earlier that day and played some bowling. Later that night we decided to try the real thing. We didn't have Isaac's camera so I took pictures from my phone. We played in the soft play at the Fun Park. It was a giant playground for parents and kids. It was quite the task going through the various tunnels and slides with a basketball in my belly! Just for the Record. The first game with Isaac, Mac, Jes and I, I was the winner. With 88 points! Next game we won't mention. I had some side distractions, otherwise, I don't think Mac would have won. :)

True Aggie!

On October 24th, 2008 Isaac became a true aggie! I've been bugging him for a long time now that we should become true aggies together. He worked until 12:30am that night so when he got home we went and became a true aggie. Isaac's never been to true aggie night, and its quite the site if you've ever been. Definetly a must do :) It was fun for me, because it felt like the first kiss all over again. There's something about standing on a platform with a lot people around. It makes me nervous all over again.

The 4th Picture from the 4th Folder

This was our tag from Mel's blog. This was taken on May 9th, 2008. It was the day that Mac got home from his mission and we went to Hogle zoo before he arrived. It was fun to see all of the nephew's together.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've always loved little feet.

Boy or Girl?

This image is pretty clear. We have no doubt it is a boy. I asked the technician if it could just be an umbilical cord, then he showed me to the right there is a black looking cord and that is the umbilical cord. I also asked him if there is any chance it could be a girl, he said "not in less that thing falls off." Those Joneses have too much testostorone in their blood, they have a hard time producing anything but a boy. We are raising the army of Helaman!

There is a baby in there!

For those who don't know we are going to have a baby. This is a picture from our ultra sound on Sept. 3rd. It was very exciting to see that the baby is growing well and healthy. I was worried that the baby was going to be too small or it wasn't getting all the nutrition it needed. It's pretty amazing to think that a baby can grow into a little human just from a woman's body.