Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our little boy full of discoveries!

He does a good job stacking many rings on top of each other, which I found out is developmental step for a toddler. Its fun to see him play and do things on his own. Kids are amazing.
Lincoln likes to paint, but not too long. Daycare has been a fun thing for Lincoln to participate in. I know there's things I do in daycare that I would not do otherwise. It helps to see other kids paint and then he follows what they do. He doesn't like wearing a paint smock so we use the bare shirt method.

Me and Isaac have been into watching different tv series on Netflix, such as 30 Rock and The Office. Now we are on a new series (new to us, its been out since 2004) called Veronica Mars. We had never heard of it before we started watching it and have enjoyed it. In the meantime, Lincoln is discovering all kinds of new things. The other day when we were watching it I came over to see what he was doing and he had got into the pantry where I keep a big 5 gallon bucket of flour and was playing in it. It made me laugh a lot.
A child's work is a child's play. (I think that is how the saying goes) Needless to say, we put him straight in the tub.

Go Aggies!

I haven't posted anything on our blog for a while. We haven't been on any amazing trips or done any new projects, ect.. We have been going to a couple of Utah State's football games this fall, which is more than I can say I attended while I was at USU. They have been doing very well, and we enjoy seeing their newly discovered touchdown.

We usually ride our bike to the stadium and watch the games, and Lincoln enjoys the games as well. However, we do come on our bike so we have to make sure we leave before its really really dark.

Lincoln is starting to get more hair! You can't tell as well in these pictures, and its still not enough to get a full haircut. (Never have given him a haircut yet)