Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daycare changes!

This is Kelsey. I have got the chance to watch her in daycare since practically the beginning. She was with me during the summer all day. She used to come after school. Now she comes before school and Isaac usually takes her to school.
Above is the group of kids I watched after school hours. Left to right: Skyler, Lincoln, Samantha, Angela, and Aspen. I was watching Skyler, Samantha, and Aspen every Monday and Wednesday till eight. Now a friend of their family watches them for a while so I don't watch them now either. Someday I will have them back but it will be on the weekends.

Below is the group of kids I was watching during the day. It has now changed drastically however. Top: Angela, Gary, Michael. Middle: Sophie, Zachary, Bailey, Brianna. Bottom: Lincoln. Currently I only watch Sophie and Zachary and sometimes Brianna (I always watch Lincoln). It has been a nice change. I feel like I get to spend more time with each child individually and I don't feel so stressed. As long as I can do it financially I prefer it. One picture I am missing is of Jo Jo. I am still watching him after he comes home from Kindergarten.

New Backsplash

I have been wanting to do a backsplash for a long time now. It was on my list for things to do this last summer, but it never got done. We finished this at the beginning of December, but I am just barely posting it.
I really love the results. I think it makes everything just pop a lot more.

You'll just have to pretend the fridge is not decorated.

New Desk

This is our new desk. My dad is a very handy man. I gave him a plan of what I wanted and he put it together. I'll have to take another picture with everything put on the desk. I wish I would have taken a picture of the computer desk we were using before, but I forgot. This gives us so much more storage. There is even space for my sewing machine and cricut. They are located to the left of where your legs sit (not visible from the front).
Since I started doing daycare we moved our office into our bedroom, and I wanted a place to put everything. I love this desk because it used most of the things I had already. We used an existing filing cabinet that I already had I just painted it to match the rest. The drawer for the keyboard was from our old desk. Its hard to tell just how big this is. It is 7' wide by 7' tall. Very custom to what we needed. However, someday when the office is not in our bedroom also it can still match bookshelves we already have. I love it, love it, love it!!!!!