Friday, June 15, 2012

Jones Reunion

Jones Reunion 2012- June 8th, 9th, & 10th

 more to see on Donene's blog here.
Grandma Shaw holding baby Traegan (I hope I spelled that right Jessica)
"You've got the sweetest little baby face"
 Everyone in the kitchen
 Grandma Jones, Donene, took the kids up to see the chickens. 
Lincoln feeding the chickens some grass
I liked Lincoln's face in this as he's trying so hard to get the grass in the cage.
This walk of Lincoln's shows his personality

Lincoln thought he would wrap himself up with a rope.
Lincoln and Sofia, cousins.  I think they could pass for brother, sister.
When I said Lincoln lets get a picture with your cousin, he thought it would be funny to play like he was asleep.

The weather was rainy and then sunny and then rainy all day.  Wasn't quite sure we were going to be able to do family pictures outside or the easter egg hunt.

 The annual easter egg hunt! (In June cause that's when we could get all together)

Isaac showing Trevor that the gift has his name on it.
Lincoln discovering that it has HIS name on it.
"Another one with my name on it"
Rainee and Bryce Man
Olivia and Grandma Jones
Melanie and Sofia.  Melanie was one of the lucky winners of the large egg
Doug going through the candy.
I love this picture of Nate.
something must of just happened cause McKenly's face is priceless
I asked Lincoln to choose one candy.  He chose the Spongebob crabby patties.
Trevor going through his candy.  Eventually he fell off the 4 wheeler.
After Trevor fell off the 4-wheeler.
Carson Cannon
The gang
Mac Jones
Jaedon with his toothless smile.
Tydon Jones

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