Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fathers Day/a day in Trevors life/Happy Birthday/waterfall

A Day in the life of a child

Trevor decorated his face with lipstick and then he decided he needed to tweeze.  He spends entirely too much time around his mom.
Maybe you can see the lipstick better on this picture.  This face Trevor is pulling reminds me of one of the faces I made in a baby picture... If I find it I will compare and show.

Being locked down in a booster chair doesn't stop Trevor.  He decides he's going to walk around anyways.
 The kids enjoy dressing up.  I have quite a few dress ups for girls, and Trevor just enjoys them too.
 Lincoln is quite the knight.

 BBQ at Uncle Steve's

 I liked these pictures so I wanted to make a history of it on the blog.  This is a picture of my grandma Salisbury Pope (my dads mom)
 My dad, Clark
 My grandpa's fiance
 My grandpa Salisbury (my dad's dad)
 Uncle Steve (my dad's brother), it was him that let us have a BBQ at his house.  Thanks Steve!
 my cousin Andrew, Aunt Cindy (dad's younger sister visiting from Flourida) and Ember (Cindy's daughter) Isaac is pulling a funny face in the background and that's got to be my favorite part about this picture.
what grown-ups do best.  Steve has a beautiful yard and you can kind of see some it from this picture.

Happy Father's day to Isaac!

 I didn't do as much for Fathers day as I was planning this year.  Sorry Isaac I was thinking the new camera would be your fathers day.  However, I decided to make him breakfast in the morning.  Blueberry struesel muffins from scratch, Cheesy eggs, and Orange Julius.  It was yummy.  Isaac deserves much more for being such a great father.  I'm so glad that he is in our family and I have him to help raise these monkeys.

 Happy Birthday Grandpa!

 June 19th was my dad's 59th birthday and we got to celebrate it with him at daycare.  That evening my dad was volunteering at the temple.  That day we went on a walk to the Innovative campus where they have a decent size pond with ducks and fish.
My dad has been coming to help me in daycare every Tuesday and Thursday because I have 3 kids under the age of two and that makes the amount of kids I can watch altogether 6.  Any amount over that I need a helper.  It has been nice to have my dad here.  He is very good at playing with the kids while a do the boring stuff like meal prep and meal clean-up.
 one of the lily pads on the pond
 I made him a very tasty lemon cake.  It turned out awesome if I do say so myself.
 We of course held hands and sang to him in a circle.

Waterfall update

This is the waterfall right before we planted everything.  (I forgot to get a picture before we placed the plants on the black stuff)
this is after we planted plants, and put in mulch.my favorite plant that we added,  "the Lily of the Nile."
Its easy to get a good picture with such cute kids.
this is me after
this is Isaac.  Lets just say he is glad that it is basically over (we still need to add our outdoor lighting)
We are happy with the results and the sound it makes is very relaxing.  All are invited to come and enjoy with us .


Mel said...

So I just love that brother of mine! The faces he pulls are priceless. The waterfall looks awesome! Miss you guys.

Jessica J. said...

I can't believe you guys had the ambition to do that waterfall yourselves. Pretty impressive.

Better Trevor wear lipstick than shave :)