Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The last 5 months!

Presidents Day 2012!

This was Trevors first time sledding and he loved it.

A perfect day for sledding, it snowed the day before and bright enought to need sunglasses.

Lincoln's first time at Mcdonalds, eating his first happy meal.  We went to Mcyd's after we went sledding.  I think I was more excited to go to McDonalds than anyone... I love Big Mac's
 Isaac and Trevor sliding down the hill.

My 28th Birthday- March 2nd, 2012

I didn't want to make a big deal of my birthday this year so we had a small group at the Pizza Pie Cafe.  It was me, Isaac, Lincoln, Trevor, and my mom.  It was our first time eating at the Pizza Pie Cafe and we really liked it.  It is very family friendly and you can eat all you want!
We used the leftover cake from Lincoln's birthday.  We really love the cake that Lee's Marketplace makes and I ordered a larger cake for Lincoln for that very purpose to use it on my birthday.

 Trevor just being cute.

 Our 5th Anniversary- March 10th 2012

 This is Isaac the night before our actual anniversary.  My brother Kirk and his wife, Jessica watched our kids overnight so we could enjoy a whole night without kids.  It was our first time being away from our kids overnight... They did awesome.  We decided to stay home for our anniversary cause without kids its like we have our own suite.  We don't need to spend $100 to "get a room" with a hot tub and added kitchen.  We have that at home.  Spending the night where someone else has come to do you know what, doesn't appeal to me... Maybe if I was far from home than I would make an exception.
 Anyways for dinner we made shrimp and steak and than we chilled in the hot tub and I think we watched our show of choice at the time, Psych.  The next morning (March 10th) we went to the temple with my mother and father-in-law, (Ryan and Donene) and Isaac's brother, Mac and his wife, Jessica.  We did sealings and intiatories for family names.  It was a neat experience to do that as a family and a great way to celebrate our anniversary.  Afterwards we met up at Kneaders and had their neverending french toast.      5 years and it feels like it.. ;) but really its gone by fast.  A lot has happened in 5 years and I'm still not tired of Isaac, and I look forward to spending forever with him.

I wanted to buy my dress for one reason and that was to be able to wear my wedding dress every year on my anniversary.  So far I've been able to fit into my dress every year... Even after having babies.  Yes!!

 Easter Egg Hunt at Aunt Sharon's and Uncle Steve's- April 7th

 These are the only two pictures we got of the hunt.  Steve and Sharon Salisbury put on a easter egg hunt the Saturday before easter.  The kids loved it and they got tons of candy. 

Front yard project-April 27th progression 

This summer we are working on our front yard.  This will eventually become a waterfall.  I will continue to put pictures of our progression.  Its a very big project... Much bigger than I was anticipating.

Lagoon Day! April 28th

 Lincoln's first time riding on a roller coaster.  His first ride was the Bombora, which is pretty intense for a kid ride.  He was a little scared with the first turn but he loved it by the end.
 This was Trevors face on most of the rides... Not really excited or scared.
 There were quite a lot of rides Trevor could ride, and he never cried once on them.
 While Trevor was asleep me and Lincoln and Kayleigh and Ashlynn Nitzel (our friends who come to my daycare) went on rides where you get wet. It was a colder day so there were no lines on those rides. 
 By the end of this ride it looked like Brynleigh was falling asleep on Trevor.  Was so cute.
Pretty sure this was Trevor's favorite ride. "Baby Boats"
This is Kayleigh and Damon Nitzel waiting for their kids on the "Baby Boats".  It was very fun to have them come to Lagoon with us.  Its fun to have another family that has young kids to go on rides with. 
This is Trevor by the end of the day.  I couldn't get him to even eat french fries.  We had a blast.

 Quadcopter senior project presentations- May 3rd, 2012

Isaac and his partner actually won 1st place on their project.  Way to go Isaac! Isaac actually completed his senior project last semester but he still had to complete a project for one of his classes.

 Progression on the front yard May 6th

At this point there wasn't much progression on the waterfall, However, we did get other trees/shrubs and bark placed.

 Salisbury Reunion 2012- Memorial Day weekend (May 27th- May 31st)

 We met up at the Hill Air Force base on Saturday afternoon where we watched an airshow.  It was storming very badly and they cancelled a lot of the show.  Towards the end of the scheduled airshow the storm let up and we were able to watch the show.  It was very awesome, however, I didn't have a camera to take any pictures.  Afterwards we met up at Sara and Tj's where we had Papa Murphy's pizza. 
Trevor, Kelsey, and Lincoln
Jessica and Kirk Salisbury (my youngest brother)
Analese and TJ
Everyone watching a show waiting for dinner.
Jessica on the way back to Logan on Sunday.  Sunday morning we had creme brulee' french toast, went to sacrament meeting and then cleaned up Sara's house and headed back to Logan where we had hoagies.  The weather was very rainy all weekend.


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Love all the updates. I am very impressed that you can fit into your wedding dress too!

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